About KELI

KELI is an Indo-Swiss Socio-Cultural Organization in Switzerland. To nurture and promote the rich Indian values and goodwill on a global arena, a voyage began in the late 90’s, when a group of passionate individuals teamed up and formed KELI. On 24th October 1998, Shri M.R. Venu IFS, Honorable Secretary, Permanent Mission of India (PMI Geneva) inaugurated KELI in Zurich. KELI is a non-profitable, non-sectarian and non-political organization, officially registered in Switzerland.

Social Service 2018-2019

Amount in Indian Rupees
2019 Rebuild Kerala after Flood Rebuild Kerala Built a School Rs.25,00,000.- Rs. 25 Lacs
2019 Kinder for Kinder Sponsorships 250 x Rs.3500.- Rs.8,75,000.- (8.75 Lacs)
2019 Kinder for Kinder Higher Education 25 x Rs.20000.- Rs. 5,00,000.- (5 Lacs)
2019 Keli Shelter Housing project: 3 x homes built Rs.1200000.- (12 lacs)
2018 Kinder for Kinder Sponsorships 225 x Rs.3500.- Rs. 787500.- (7.87 lacs)
2018 Kinder for Kinder scholorship 100 X Rs.2000.- Rs. 200000.- (2 Lacs)
2018 Kinder for Kinder Higher Education project 25XRs 20000.- Rs. 500000.- (5 Lacs)
2018 Keli Shelter Housing project 2 x Homes built Rs. 800000.-(8 Lacs)
2018 Flood Relief Fund Rebuild Kerala Chief-Ministers fund Rs. 10,00,000.- (10 Lacs)
2018 Thanal Support for Physically and Mentally disabled Rs . 300000.-
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